Dressing the true Southern Gentleman

About Us

Kyle and Company Menswear is family owned and operated with me at the helm! I am Sydney Grace Medley, a student at the University of North Alabama majoring in Marketing. It is my dream to own a business in my hometown of Russellville, Alabama. 

Having a brother has steered me to start this menswear business to take care of him...because what sister does not want her little brother looking his best?

Growing up in rural Alabama, the choices for clothing is very limited. With the nearest department store being 30 plus miles away, it is a challenge to dress a gentleman. We work hard, play hard, and when we get cleaned up...we clean up good. Between work, church, and free time, shopping should be effortless. So, Kyle and Company Menswear was born!

You may be asking why a first year college student is opening a menswear store? 
Two reasons: my brother, and it's in my blood!

To cover the first reason, my little bro needs clothing to wear to school, baseball practice, and church. Finding clothing that suited his style without an hours drive has been impossible. I knew if my parents were looking for clothing then Nate's buddies and their parents are looking too. 

Speaking of my brother, that is who the business is named for: Nathan Kyle aka Nate. My goal is to pair different clothing lines from the South to give you, the customer, options. Options that will take you from casual wear, Sunday best, and even your big day of saying "I do"! We are here to cover all the bases. 

Now to the second one...it is in my blood. From my parents, to grandparents, to great grandparents, they have all been in business throughout the generations. The entrepreneur blood runs deep. My family has instilled a strong work ethic and challenges me to give my very best. This dream of having my own business began long before graduating high school. Yes, I am starting early in life because of an awesome support system. This support system is filled with family and friends who encourage me to help others, live by example, and give back. 

At Kyle and Company Menswear, our mission is to provide you with garments to dress the Southern Gentlemen. men from the South go from the woods, to the lake, to work, and out with friends or their best girl. We want you to be comfortable wherever your feet land. This store is a combination of pieces from a variety of locally owned businesses. Ones, like us, who were just starting out with a few bucks and a dream. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and to shop our website. 
We truly care about our customer.

Hey, you are part of the Kyle & Company Family!